Baxter Healthcare and Micrel Medical Devices announce distribution agreement in ANZ to support PN patients

Baxter Healthcare (Baxter), a global leader in clinical nutrition, and Micrel Medical, a medical device company specializing in infusion therapy, today announced an agreement for the distribution of the Micrel Mini Rythmic PN+ infusion pump for Parenteral Nutrition (PN).

Micrel Mini Rythmic PN+ is an ambulatory infusion pump supporting patients with Hospital-in-the-Home Parenteral Nutrition. As part of the agreement, Baxter Healthcare will be the sole distributor of the Micrel Mini Rythmic PN+ infusion pump and its accessories across ANZ.

PN therapy is the intravenous administration of nutrients. More than 300 patients across Australia and New Zealand receive Parenteral Nutrition at home.

Steven Flynn, Baxter Healthcare General Manager for Australia and New Zealand, said the partnership with Micrel Medical Devices would support patients in Australia and New Zealand with Hospital-in-the-Home Parenteral Nutrition. 
“With a national network of pharmaceutical Compounding facilities in Australia and New Zealand, Baxter Healthcare is proud to support clinicians and their patients with diverse, patient-specific Parenteral Nutrition medicines and services,” Mr Flynn said.

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Baxter has continued to maintain secure supply and safe home-based services for Parenteral Nutrition patients in Australia and New Zealand. At the heart of Our Mission to Save and Sustain Lives is a commitment to innovation, quality and patient safety.”

Nikitas Machlis, Micrel Medical Devices Co-founder, CEO and Chair, said: “Micrel Medical Devices are pleased and excited by the appointment of Baxter as our new distributor partner for our PN pump in Australia and New Zealand.” 
“Micrel is proud to deliver technology to support healthcare professionals around the world to improve patient care in the hospital or in the home. Baxter’s experience and coverage in Australia and New Zealand makes them the perfect partner for Micrel enabling more patients to access our range of infusion devices.”