Easter Public Holidays 2022

Preparations for the Easter Public Holidays are underway, and our teams continue to work to be able to support you and your patient needs during the busy Easter period.

Although our compounding centres will be shut during the public holidays, we remain in full operations on all other days. We continue our COVID-19 response to protect our staff so we can continue to support you. We are also working closely with our transport partners to prepare for larger than usual delivery volumes.

In mid-March, you can expect a letter in your delivery boxes with further details around hours of operations and delivery options. But let’s start talking now…

  • Do you anticipate special delivery requirements during that time?
  • Are there any long expiry items which you can order in advance?
  • Would it be possible to place orders for as many of these in the weeks/month leading up to the public holiday?

We value our partnership and continue to work in being the best position to supply your compounded product needs.

Speak to your Sales Specialist or our Customer Service Teams on 1800-BAXTER if you’d like to discuss further.